Blondie – Parallel Lines

Music from New York when New York was still cool, Parallel Lines is filled with singles that became huge hits. This 1978 album sold over 20 million copies and starts with Hanging on the Telephone, followed by One Way or Another. Side 2 opens with 11:59 and includes Heart of Glass, one of the best […]

Kinji Fukusaku’s Battle Royale

The generational divide in Japanese culture/cinema is a fertile trope for many storytellers. Stories of youth rebelling against adults and the established order, and even posing a very serious and devastating threat, provide the context for films like Akira (1986). The failure of adults to pass the values and responsibility for society is also a central theme to Akira Kurosawa’s King Lear adaptation Ran (1985). There may be no greater film exploring this divide and the inability of the previous generations to bridge that gap than Kinji Fukusaku’s Battle Royale (2000).