The Ones That Got Away

This post is dedicated to the records that got away, ones I saw and did not buy due to being foolish and miserly. Life is short, and in many cases there are a finite amount of records left, so you should not feel conflicted about spending the money. Even if it is difficult to justify. And buying records is difficult to justify for any rational person. But even rational people are attracted to totems, and the money that remains in your pocket is never enough to dispel the regret for letting something special slip away…

On a more general note, if there is something you find that you know is valuable, just buy it. We’re all going to leave this shit behind anyway.

The KLF – What Time is Love 12″

I will never find this record again, and its seemingly more and more unlikely that I will find any KLF records. I love The KLF, and they hold a special place in my heart since they served as one of my early introductions to electronic music. And for deleting their entire catalogue, and either making a spectacle of the money they had made or just outright burning it. I planned on returning to Rasputin a week later or so to see if they had marked it down, but it was probably sold soon after I found it. I even took a picture because I wasn’t sure if I would find it again and wanted to just have some record of having it in my hands. I should have just bought that damn thing, but I didn’t think it was worth $6 and I was already buying a bunch of others. It doesn’t make a lot sense to buy records at all, but it makes even less sense to collect them and not buy KLF records on sight.

The JAMs – It’s Grim Up North 12″

Another KLF 12″, this time under the JAMs name. Slightly more costly at $8, but well worth it. If you’ve heard this record, you know the enormity of my mistake. If not,!

2021 Update

The KLF is now back in the music business, maybe I’ll get my KLF records yet. Just wait out the old geezers, they will always betray their principles for money. The KLF on Youtube and Spotify

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