Italian Dream House

Ah, Italia. Home of cappuccinos, delicious pasta, gorgeous suits, and cars that rarely leave garages for fear of catastrophic engine failure. Italy is also known for a legacy of electronic dance music that includes the astounding Giorgio Moroder as well as the influential Italo Disco pioneers Mr. Flagio and B.W.H. But this post will focus […]

Deep House

What is Deep House? This genre probably is more misunderstood than almost any other in electronic music. Sometimes it’s used as an ironic title for a genre associated with women in bikinis partying in some tropical paradise on YouTube. But actually, no one likes someone who is condescending. Deep House is just called Deep because […]

Detroit Techno

Techno is one of the most popular genres of dance music, and has been around so long it’s unlikely that many listeners share the same touchstones in conversation. It can be considered unapproachable and repetitive, shrill or harsh, and listened to while flailing around dark rooms with strobe lights. Which isn’t wrong, but there’s a […]

Acid House

Acid House is one of the first types of electronic music I listened to, and exposed me to a lot of the music that was coming out of England in the early to mid-90s. Acid House’s popularity may have revealed a distinct youth/party culture ready for new music, and new drugs, or the experience itself […]


I’m amazed that we’re going back 30 years for this Jungle because it still sounds very modern to my ears, more so than anything but the best Techno from Detroit. I’d like to believe its a credit to the music, and not because I’m an old man, as I was introduced to this music in […]

Ambient House/Techno

Immediately after the Second Summer of Love, Ambient House/Techno grew as an offshoot of Acid House and was usually played in the chill out rooms of all night dance clubs, or at home with headphones. It developed during the 90s in the UK, alongside rave and jungle, among others, but incorporated influences from progressive rock […]