This week, I took a trip to Rasputin to specifically pick up one album, A Taste of Honey’s self-titled debut. I had passed on it a week earlier or $4, and I really like the group, and I regretted not buying it because it seemed like $4 was too much to spend. I’ve since come around to rethinking what I am willing to pay for records and the chances I will take. And it has absolutely paid off, because I’ve picked up so many more records that I love and I rarely skip on records because they might be a few extra bucks. A Taste of Honey’s album is worth the $4, and has had a lot of plays in our apartment since it is right up Carla’s alley too.

A Taste of Honey – A Taste of Honey

Groove Holmes – Shippin’ Out

L’il Kim – The Jump Off 12″

Lipps, Inc. – Funkytown 12″

Ohio Players – Contradiction

Sylvester – Rock the Box 12″

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