Chic – C’est Chic

I first became a fan of Chic since hearing I Want Your Love in the film Shame, but I am still surprised by how incredible the songwriting team of Rodgers and Bernard Edwards were. Every song on C’est Chic is superb, and while the other singles stand out there is no wasted second on this album. While Disco is not a bad word, and Le Freak was originally written because they were once denied entry into Studio 54, Chic should not be considered a disco band only because their music was very popular in clubs. Every song can be danced to, but the virtuoso work of Chic grabs your attention and forces you to listen while the songs groove effortlessly on the bass and guitar of Edwards and Rodgers.

My wonderful girlfriend and I attended a Chic and Earth, Wind & Fire concert at Oracle Arena, and we were amazed by Nile Rodgers. I went specifically to see him, and it was one of the best performances by an artist that I have ever seen even though it was the first show of the tour. Rodgers and his touring band were completely locked in and showed what an impressive musician he still is. Considering this album sold over a million copies, its wide availability means it should really be in everyone’s collection.