George Benson – Greatest Hits

I bought this album mostly for Breezinand Give Me the Night, but this is a fine sampling of a jazz legend’s music. This album attempts to straddle the careers of George Benson the jazz guitarist and George Benson the smooth jazz vocalist, and includes big hits like The Greatest Love of All, later re-recorded by Whitney Houston, and guitar showcases like White Rabbit and Cast Your Fate to the Wind. But Bobby Womack’s Breezin’ and the Rod Temperton-written Give Me The Night are so good they would make waiting in a dentist’s office almost tolerable.

This ‘Greatest Hits’ collection is full of George Benson songs and serves as an excellent introduction. I see these records everywhere, so you’ll find a good value, and if you haven’t listened to George Benson or have only heard one of his songs in a Duane Reade this is a good pick.