Inner City – Good Life Buena Vida 99 remixes

I’m a pretty bad electronic dance music buyer, because I can’t easily find great albums. There are a few good stores around and I’ve found some good records, but this wasn’t one of them. I overpaid for it a bit after first listening to Inner City and being unable to find anything else. In a lot of record stores, especially the larger ones, there are not a lot of good options. I can’t find any Detroit Techno in San Francisco, so I bought this thinking I’d get something close to the original, but no luck.

The remixes here are ok, I don’t like any of them nearly as much as the original. It has some interest to someone, especially someone in Japan where it was pressed, but I just want a copy of Big Fun. The albums don’t really change much in the electronic sections and a lot are overpriced. I’d buy up a ton of house records just to hear more, but DJs need these albums and they either pick out the best or drive the price up because there just aren’t a lot of records on the market. Where do the people who play house sets sell their collections when they get tired of it? I’ll let you know one day, dear reader.