Lipps, Inc. – Funkytown 12″

I found this for one dollar, and well, I had to have it. Anyone who doesn’t love Funkytown is definitely stiff. I’m sure you started hearing this song in your head when you saw the title. I’m not sure if the pressing that I got from Singles, Eps and X-hits in Toronto is that great, but it sounds ok. Funkytown went platinum within a few months of its release in 1980, and spent four weeks at No. 1. It is just a fantastic song, oh man, and Minneapolis’s Lipps Inc. never did anything else remotely close to this masterpiece. Unlike a lot of “crossover” disco music that I like, it is very much a disco song, but it’s irresistible. And disco is not a bad word. As a bonus, it comes with Kool & That Gang’s Celebration on the b-side. Pretty cool!