Miami Sound Machine – Primitive Love

You may be thinking, Henry, you jackass. Whatever you paid for this, you paid that much more than it’s worth. And it’s true, it’s tough to listen to. The drum machines sound like really cheap drum machines, the FM synths on some songs sound like they were recorded in a Sam Ash. It sounds like people just programming pop sequencers and samplers, but sometimes it’s better than the awful 80’s schlock that can sound more composed. Conga was an enormous success for them, too, but the ballads are mostly also-rans. I think I bought it because I believed there would be some venue for this music, and I love the gruyere that is Primitive Love. I like it so much more than everything else on this album, and I really wish they just went for it every time like they did in the title track. It could be the Cuban Giorgio Moroder/Miami Bass crossover of my dreams. But if you like Gloria Estefan, this is one of the best albums in her long career.